Green Tea as a Fat Burner: Fact or Myth?

Green tea is often hailed as a nutritional powerhouse with brain-boosting, free radical-fighting, infection-healing properties. Unsurprisingly, these health benefits are ideal marketing tools for everything from green tea supplements to matcha ice cream (yum!). However, one health claim has particularly piqued the interest of wellness warriors and fitness freshers alike: green tea as a fat burner. The beverage is said to help reduce fat gain and improve the body’s fat-burning abilities – but are these claims backed by science? Is green tea the fat-burning blessing we’ve been waiting for? The team at Green Lady Sparkling Tea separates fat-burning fact from fiction.

The claims

Green tea contains polyphenols, much-buzzed-about antioxidants that are known to have a variety of health benefits. Fat-burning believers often point to studies that focus on a specific polyphenol called EGCG, which reportedly boosts the metabolism. Some people even take green tea extract supplements equivalent to 15 cups of tea in an effort to experience maximum benefits. The question is, do these antioxidants actually aid in burning fat, and does green tea contain enough of them to make a difference in weight loss?

What science has to say

It’s true that green tea can increase your metabolic rate – but this does not mean that chugging mug after mug of the stuff will make you lose weight. Studies have shown that the actual effect of green tea on weight loss and weight maintenance is insignificant. Another study examined the effects of green tea extract supplements on men and found that it did not increase the body’s fat-burning capabilities. Plus, concerns have been raised that green tea extract supplements could contribute to liver damage (though it should be noted that these supplements do not contain green tea, but rather large quantities of compounds like EGCG thought to boost weight loss).

The skinny on burning fat

Consuming a few cups of green tea a day is a good way to stay hydrated and energised, particularly if you’re drinking it in place of sugary juices or sodas. It can certainly play a role in leading a healthy lifestyle, and it may confer some health benefits through its antioxidant content. However, if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, pinning all of your hopes on a steaming cup of green tea simply won’t cut it. A balanced diet, regular exercise and good habits are the real keys to achieving and maintaining a weight that’s healthy for you.

At Green Lady, we know that there’s no miracle food, drink or supplement that can effortlessly melt away fat and transform your physique. Rather, we love eating nourishing foods and drinking our sparkling green tea because of how these things make us feel. Instead of turning to high-sugar drinks to fuel our mid-afternoon slump, we grab a slightly sweet, bubbly, refreshing Green Lady. It’s just what we need to seize the day in a healthy way. (And, of course, we’ll still enjoy that matcha ice cream from time to time – but not because we think it’s the ultimate fat-blasting superfood!)