Host the Perfect Autumn Lunch with Green Lady

At Green Lady, the arrival of autumn means embracing self-care: we pull out our cosy jumpers, take long walks to appreciate the colourful leaves crunching under our boots and partake in a bit of restorative yoga to prepare our bodies for the change in season. These autumnal activities provide time for reflection and keep us grounded. However, we also think that autumn is a great time to reach out to friends and nurture our relationships – and what better way than to host a celebratory meal? Here’s how to host the ultimate autumnal lunch, complete with drinks, food pairings and decorations, so you can feed your guests and your spirit!

The Setting

You don’t have to spend heaps of time or money to come up with atmospheric decorations for your lunch. Arrange a few candles, pumpkins, squash and apples in the centre of the table, and use plates and bowls in autumnal colours like orange, brown and red. You may even consider foraging outside for a few leaves and branches to bring a bit of the season indoors!

The Beverages

Be sure to offer your friends a variety of beverage choices – having options makes the occasion feel extra special. These drinks don’t need to be complicated (even serving Green Lady Sparkling Tea on its own is elegant and refreshing), but mixing up a few mocktails will give the lunch an air of luxury.

Green Lady Apple Sparkler

Green Lady makes a great base for fall drinks, as lightly spiced notes of nutmeg complement many of the warming flavours of the season. Try mixing Green Lady with fresh, non-alcoholic apple cider and a squeeze of lemon for a sparkling sensation of a beverage.

Friendly Fennel Refresher

Fennel is great for the digestive system, and its herbaceous flavour perfectly complements Green Lady’s aromatic profile. Make it into a syrup by grinding fennel seeds and boiling them with equal parts water and sugar, then strain the seeds out. After the fennel-sugar syrup cools, pour a bit into a glass, then stir in Green Lady and lemon juice for a complex, delicious drink that’ll require many a refill.

The Food

Since it’s lunchtime, you’ll want to keep your food light and comforting, using ingredients that highlight the flavours of the season and work well with the beverages you’ve made. Prepare a few easy appetizers, a comforting soup and a little sweet treat, and you’ll have a show-stopping yet simple meal that’s ready in no time.

To Start

Set out a few bites for your friends to graze on before you all sit down to lunch. Roasted spiced chickpeas are an excellent accompaniment to a pre-lunch drink, goat cheese-stuffed roasted figs will wow your guests while whetting their appetites and butternut squash crostini are perfect for nibbling as you get the rest of the food ready.

A Soup for the Season

Soup is ideal for an autumnal lunch: it’s usually easy to prepare, and it’s satisfyingly moreish without being too heavy. For a classic fall recipe, whip up a pumpkin soup and top it with lots of fresh herbs and roasted nuts. You can also take a more adventurous approach and try this recipe for parsnip soup with walnut pesto – it’s particularly good with pumpkin sage biscuits!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By now, your guests are guaranteed to be in a state of culinary bliss, but you can really make their jaws drop by serving them a fruity fall dessert. An apple crumble is always a good choice for an effortless pudding, as are poached pears. But if you’re really feeling daring, why not try your hand at caramel apple cupcakes or a kabocha squash cake with brown sugar cream?

The coming of autumn is a great reason to invite our loved ones round for a home-cooked meal and some inventive drinks made with Green Lady – not that we need a reason to enjoy delicious food and sparkling tea. But paired with the grateful attitude that autumn inspires, a simple lunch with friends becomes a truly special experience that you and your guests won’t soon forget.