Why Yoga and Tea Belong Together

A cup of calming tea intuitively accompanies a soothing yoga session: after exercising the body and mind in your practice, sipping on a relaxing beverage just makes sense. But have you ever stopped to wonder why yoga and tea are so closely connected? The answer goes back thousands of years, and is rooted in the ancient desire to better the body, mind and soul.

Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic wellness system that originated in India over 3,000 years ago. Many of its concepts are outlined in the Sanskrit Vedic texts. At its core, Ayurveda revolves around the idea that everything, from the health of the individual to the world at large, is interconnected. Ayurveda often harnesses the power of herbs, spices and other foods as methods of maintaining health.

It should come as no surprise, then, that tea is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. Fragrant herbs and spices such as ginger, mint and turmeric are often steeped in hot water to extract their possible medicinal properties, and the resulting teas are used to calm, energise, promote digestion, detoxify and serve a number of other purposes.

Like Ayurveda, yoga evolved out of India thousands of years ago, and its core values are written in the Vedas. If you’ve tried yoga, you know that it’s far more than just stretching and bending. Yoga is a broad term that encompasses a variety of complex schools of thought and movement, though it broadly focuses on embracing the physical body to discover a connection to a higher state of being. Ayurveda and yoga are inextricably linked with one another, as both present cohesive methods for practising wellness.

Indeed, many yogis use Ayurveda to help connect their physical and spiritual selves off the mat – and this means that they often drink tea to experience the healing benefits of herbs and spices. Though it’s common for yoga teachers to brew strong cups of milky chai for their students after class, others prefer to sip a natural green tea or a mint tea. At Green Lady, we love to enjoy a chilled bottle of our sparkling tea after an intense yoga session – its cool effervescence and complex herbal bouquet renew our energy levels after we’ve exhausted them through a good flow.

Of course, it makes sense that the tea consumed after yoga should be rich in Ayurvedic properties. Green Lady Sparkling Tea contains several ingredients that are highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine. We infuse the very finest Darjeeling tea with nutmeg, an aromatic spice often used to regulate digestion and improve the appearance of skin. We also add a hint of rose oil for a calming fragrance – the scent is meant to be uplifting and balancing. Finally, we pair these ingredients with carob fruit for a bit of natural sweetness, resulting in a sparkling green tea that is simultaneously rejuvenating and invigorating.

The relationship between yoga and tea is an ancient dance of wellness and self-discovery. By pairing them, you can forge a path of healing for yourself and a greater understanding of the world around you – all while feeling your very best!