Green Lady’s Guide to E-Tea-Quette

Do you ever find yourself sipping a steaming cuppa at afternoon tea and wondering whether you should, in fact, extend your little finger in that oh-so-British fashion? Have you ever hastily spooned two sugars into your cup before pouring and then questioned the acceptability of your rash decision? Did your mum tell you off as a child for dunking digestives in your brew? Fear not – Green Lady Sparkling Tea is here to let you in on everything you need to know about afternoon tea etiquette.

Pinkies up or down?

You may think that raising your little finger while holding your cup is a great way to impress your fellow tea partyers with your fine manners, but think again – the raised pinky has become a sign of snootiness.

It’s said that the custom of pinky-raising originated in ancient Rome, where eating with three fingers was a mark of the sophistication of the upper class. However, over time, this tradition has come to represent elitism more than elegance. Next time you’re tempted to put your pinky up as you sip, fight the urge!

Milk or tea first?

If you’re one of those strange people who insists on pouring your milk first and your tea second, make sure you’re only doing so in the comfort of your own home – tea etiquette experts agree that to do so at a formal tea would be blasphemy.

The ‘tea first’ rule is, more than anything, a matter of logic: you don’t know how strong a brew is until you pour it! Have a look at the tea, then decide how much milk you want. Follow this rule with sugar, as well – you won’t know how much of the sweet stuff to add until the tea is in the cup!

To slurp or not to slurp?

This one’s easy: refrain from slurping your tea, or risk the wrath of manners martinets everywhere. If your beverage is too hot, add a bit of milk – or do things the old fashioned way, and practise a bit of patience until it cools.

Dunking biscuits: yea or nay?

As delicious as a tea-soaked Hobnob is, biscuit dunking is frowned upon at an afternoon tea. Save your digestive dipping for less formal occasions (and don’t tell your mum!).

If you ever find yourself having afternoon tea with the Queen or your devastatingly proper in-laws, you may find it useful to apply this knowledge. However, when you’re indulging in a cup of tea on your own, you needn’t worry about the totalitarianism of tea etiquette. Even better, you can avoid this stress altogether by opting for a different kind of tea drink – that’s right, we’re talking about Green Lady Sparkling Tea!

Whether you’re at a formal afternoon tea or you’re just looking for a refreshing everyday beverage, Green Lady is a great choice. Made with Green Darjeeling tea leaves, nutmeg and rose oil, our effervescent drink has all the sophistication of an elegant afternoon brew – and we encourage you to enjoy it any way you like.