Your 2017 Green Lady Round Up

Just like that, 2017 is behind us. A brand new year sits on the horizon, filled with boundless promise and bountiful sparkling tea. However, before we move full throttle into the thrill of 2018, we want to take a moment to reflect on how Green Lady has grown over the past year (and all the fun we’ve had along the way!). Read on for our recap of the most exciting Green Lady happenings of 2017.

We made our way into your favourite shops and bars

In 2017, lots of exciting vendors began stocking Green Lady Sparkling Tea. You can now get your favourite drink at Amazon, Ocado and Laithwaite’s – and we’re launching soon at Co-op, too! During 2017, Green Lady also found a home behind the bars of some of London’s most exciting hotels and restaurants. The Ampersand Hotel, Crowne Plaza Kensington, K West Hotel and Spa and The Gilbert Scott now all stock Green Lady Sparkling Tea – pay these venues a visit and see for yourself!

We created some delicious sparkling tea recipes

Of course, we love drinking Green Lady all on its own, but we took 2017 as an opportunity to develop some delightful recipes with our sparkling tea, as well. From sophisticated mocktails to light summer desserts, our recipe development showed us just how versatile Green Lady really is (we highly recommend trying out the Green Lady Vanilla Ice Cream Float!).

We hit the town and took over Urban Food Fest

We resolved to spread the word about our sparkling tea in 2017, and we had so much fun finding different ways to do just that. Our sampling at Selfridge’s was a huge hit, as were the bottles of Green Lady we handed out after the revitalising yoga classes held over the summer at Neverland, London’s beach pop-up. We even took over Urban Food Fest for a full day of green-themed fun! Complete with an awesome turnout, incredible food, music, games and Green Lady-based beverages, the fest was without a doubt one of the highlights of 2017.

We got a new look

We gave the Green Lady bottle a redesign this past year, and we’re so pleased with its new, sleek appearance – it’s just as sophisticated as the drink itself! Nothing like a little makeover to renew the spirit, right?

We owe it all to you

Above all, 2017 was about finding more ways to connect with the people who love our sparkling tea. We’ve made it our goal to create a non-alcoholic beverage that’s just as elegant and delicious as your favourite tipple, and we’re thrilled that our mission has resonated with so many people. Without amazing customers like you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so we’re constantly looking for ways to help you enjoy Green Lady even more. Feel free to get in touch and tell us what you think – we love hearing from you! Thank you so much for a wonderful year. We can’t wait to see what deliciousness 2018 has in store!